Alpine Does
ADGA Registered

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Herdsires listed below.

Our need for milk has decreased.  So all of our Alpines are for sale.

We are open to reasonable offers on groups of goats being purchased.

La Paysanne W Daria

Gibson Farm STK Ella

XtraOrdindairy Vesuvius Carmen

ADGA AA1565209

March 22, 2011

Chamiosee with white

Sire:  Lamppost Cottage D S William *B

Dam: Lamppost Cottage P Delaine

For Sale $300 in milk

Nicely attached udder.  Hand and machine milks easily.  Leads well.  She does leak some milk at the base of her teat hence her cheaper price.  I am not sure what causes it.

ADGA AA1747052

Feb. 18, 2015


Sire: Maplewood Hill Top Stryker

Dam: La Paysanne W Daria

For sale $400 in milk

Beautiful mammary system.  I could not be happier with Ella.  She is my favorite alpine.  Leads and milks easily.  I will be sad to see her go.  

ADGA AA1723211
March 13, 2015
Sundgau with white
Sire Wind Ridge Vesuvius
Dam Xtraordindairy Miss Chevious
For Sale $500 in milk
Nicely attached udder with large teats.  Hand milk and machine milks easily.  Leads well and is very friendly.

Gibson Farm TR Baby Sox

Gibson Farm HS Josslynn


ADGA AA1898385

DOB 5/27/2016

Sundgau with white; wattles

Sire Gibson Farm STK Heaven Struck

Dam Gibson Farm PJ Bobbi Sox

For Sale $300 open

ADGA AA1898386

DOB 6/2/2016

Chamiosee with white

Sire Breezy Way KKWJ Cartwright *B

Dam Gibson Farm STK Ella

For Sale $300 open


Gibson Farm HS Anna Bell

Gibson Farm HS April Showers

ADGA AA1898388
DOB 3/7/2017
Sire Breezy Way KKWJ Cartwright *B
Dam Gibson Farm STK Ella
For Sale $300 open

ADGA AA1898387
DOB 4/3/2017
Chamoisee with white
Sire Breezy Way KKWJ Cartwright *B
Dam Gibson Farm BLS Summer Love
For Sale $300 open

We also have a couple pet only Alpines that can go as companions to the does.

Lil Big $100

Hope $100

Not name doe with hernia - free

Alpine Herdsires

*B Breezy Way KKWJ Cartwright


Munchin'Hill Bail Money

ADGA AA1751757
Broken Chamoise

Sire  Kara-Kahl WRJC Juanted *B
  SS: Willow Run GB Juan Juan Carlos ++*B
  SD: GCH Kara-Kahl Saga Ajuja 8*M

Dam SG Nestor Acres NAG Carhart 2*M
  DS: Nestor Acres WRC Glacier *B
  DD: SG McQuitty-Farms MS Lightheart 1*M
For Sale $350

ADGA A1882377
Cou clair

Sire Windrush Farms IRS
  SS: ++B Iron-Rod ET Sheriff
  SD: GCH Windrush Farms Wonder Vienna 5*M

Dam Munchin' HIll Bailey
  DS: Munchin' Hill Armonde
  DD: CH Munchin'Hill Carte Belle
For Sale $500