Alpine Kidding Schedule 2020




Gibson Farm HS Anna Bell


Breezy Way SDEK F Elfin Magic
Two toned chamiose

Kidded 2/7/2020

M1 doe cou clair 

M2 doe chamoisee with white $350

Kid Pedigree

Gibson Farm STK Ella 1*M

LA VE+E 88

*B Breezy Way KKWJ Cartwright

For Sale

Super sweet buck.  Hate to see him go but I have retained several daughters.  

If his son wasn't related to so many of my Alpines M23 would be staying as our herdsire.  But, he too must find his own herd.

Kidded 4/11/2020

M23 buck $350 Chamoise with white belly

M24 buck $350 Chamoise Sold

ADGA registered

Kid Pedigree

M23 buckling