We participate in DHIR production testing and Linear Appraisal through ADGA.

Discounts will be offered for multi goat purchases as follows: 

2 goats $50 off, 3 goats $100 off, 4 goats $150 off, etc. 

Nigerian Dwarf Kidding Schedule 2020




SG Gibson Farm STS RaspberryBeret 1*M

2019 DHIR 948# & LA +EEE89

Sire SG Sugar Moon RB Stetson +*B

Dam Gibson Farm MG Raspberry

Dill's TS Turnt Whanker *B

Sire Dill's D Two-Step +*B

Dam Dill's H Up Yours 3*M LA VEEE 91

Picture below courtesy of Dill's

Kidded 6/22/2020

M40 buck gold sold

M41 buck white *B $400 

M42 doe cou clair 


*B Buckling

White with small moonspots

Gibson Farm CH Blue Horizon 1*M

2019 DHIR 710# & LA EVE+87

Sire Gibson Farm DEV Charlie

Dam Gibson Farm RL Moon Beam 

Dill's TS Turnt Whanker *B

Sire Dill's D Two-Step +*B

Dam Dill's H Up Yours 3*M LA VEEE 91

Tends to pass his amazingly sweet temperament on to his kids.  TW is a calm and gentle buck.

Kidded 6/24/2020

M43 buck *B chocolate with moonspots white poll $400 

M44 doe 


*B Buckling

Chocolate with moonspots

Very nice conformation on this buckling.  He's a solid little guy and very sweet.

Fall Nigerian Dwarf Kidding Plans

Amethyst Acres G Zebulon *B

Sire  Amethyst Acres R Gianni *B

  SS: Cedar View Romeo

  SD: SG Sugar Moon RB Gianna 2*m Elite 

         ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader 2018

         #3 Production 1630#, #9 Butterfat 92# and #3 Protein 76#

        (litter mate sister to our buck SG Sugar Moon Stetson +*B)

Dam  Sugar Moon Z Zip Me Up 5*M Elite

    Milked 1280# as a FF 2018 

  DS: Sugar Moon NS Ezekial

  DD: SG Sugar Moon V Zuzanna 4*M Elite 

         ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader 2018 

          #1 Production 2190# , #1 Butterfat 106# and #1 Protein 83#

         ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader 2017

          #2 Production 1720#, #10 Butterfat 90# and #7 Protein 61#


Gibson  Farm  Pricing  2020

Here at Gibson Farm we have chosen to price our goats based on their Linear Appraisal and DHIR records.  

We have some amazing milk lines!  

Our definition of "amazing milk lines" is milking over 800 pounds of milk in a 305 day lactation and LA over 88.  

Our Pricing Guide is here to help buyers understand how we price our goats.  Prices will change as awards are achieved and lactation's are completed.  

We hope that we have a goat that will suits your needs. 

Plans and Pricing subject to change without notice.
We do offer a multi goat discount!
We are happy to answer any of your goat questions.  
Feel free to call us at 724-422-0304 or email gibsonfarm.steph@gmail.com
Pricing Guide 
Base Price ADGA Registed                       
Buck *B or +B
Buck +*B
 Doe *M 
 Doe *M AR in Pounds, Butterfat and Protein
 Elite (Based on production)
    Top 5% Does and 15% Bucks
  Superior Genetics Award (Top 15%)
 Milk more than 800 # in 305 days
 Milk more than 1000# in 305 days
 Milk more than 1200# in 305 days
 Milk more than 1400# in 305 days
 Linear Appraisal Score >86 (84 FF)
 Linear Appraisal Score >88 (86 FF)
 Linear Appraisal Score >90 (88 FF)
 Linear Appraisal 'E' in mammary