Welcome to Gibson Farm!  

We are located near Blairsville, Pennsylvania.  We are approximately one hour east of Pittsburgh.  We've been breeding Nigerian Dwarf since 2009 and Alpine Dairy Goats since 2012.  Our herd has been on continuous DHIR milk testing through ADGA since 2018.  We have participated in Linear Appraisal through ADGA in 2018 & 2019.  

We breed friendly goats with capacious udders and correct conformation.  We also like large teat size and goats that can go the distance in a 305 day lactation.  Many of our does have gone beyond 305 days.  Our herd consists of many does that have milked over 1000 pounds in a single lactation.  We have many goats that have received Superior Genetics and Elite status through ADGA.

Goats are a joyful part of our everyday life here at Gibson Farm!

We hope you find a goat that fits your needs, whether it's for show, milk or a pet.  We have amazing goats!

      All purchased goats over 6 months old are tested for CAE, CL, Johnes and Brucellosis.  All goats have tested negative.

We maintain a closed herd for the safety of our goats.

We do not show our goats or offer stud service with our bucks.


Our Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats are registered with ADGA & most with AGS.  Our Alpines are registered with ADGA.

Kids are being sold with ADGA application for 2020.  

Members of AGS & ADGA.

Contact Information
Please call 724-422-0304
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We are happy to answer any goat related questions you may have in your goat journey.
Happy customers is a priority for Gibson Farm!